Anal Lubricants

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Anal Lubricants
It is important to use a high quality anal lubricants when having any type of Anal Play.
The anal area does not produce natural lubrication.
So ensure the most comfortable anal sex with one of our best quality, lowest priced anal sex lubes.
All anal sex sessions and anal masturbation can now be comfortable and pain free when using one of our many anal sex lubricants.

We have the choice of water based lubricants and silicone anal lube.

Thick anal lubricant can come as a cream or a high viscosity gel to stay where it’s put for safety and comfort.
Anti-bacterial anal sex lubricants give you the reassurance and peace of mind you need throughout your anal sex or masturbation.
Flavoured anal lubricants allow for hot and erotic rimming kinks and fetishes to blossom.