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Glass Sex Toys

Glass Sex Toys are the perfect way to experiment with sensory play.

Offering a firm smoothness that’s both unique and satisfying for internal and external massage.

Made from super-safe toughened glass that can be heated or cooled.

Try a glass dildo or glass butt plug and experience brand new sensations.

Heat up your sex life with something from our range of Glass Dildos.

These beautiful toys not only feature unique designs, but also give you the opportunity to introduce temperature play to the bedroom.

Made from hypoallergenic, non-porous tempered glass, these dildos can be gently heated with warm water or chilled with cool water.

The designs of the Icicles range include various different curves, ribs and nodes for different levels of stimulation so you can experiment to find a shape to blow your mind.

Whether you play alone or with a partner, our Glass Dildos are sure to bring you to sizzling orgasm.